How To Choose The Perfect Lashes Specifically For You

How To Choose The Perfect Lashes Specifically For You

Lashes can be a girls best friend. There's a style for every occasion, but not every style suites everyone. With so many different eye shapes it may be a little tough to decide which style to buy to bring out the best look that you are going for. Luckily, here are some tips and insight to help you choose the perfect lashes specifically for you.

What Is Your Eye Shape?

There are 6 common eye shapes. Upturned, downturned, almond, hooded, round and monolid. 

Upturned eyes aka "cat eyes" are when the outter corner of the eyes are turned upward higher than the inner corner of the eye. Best lash styles for this eye shape are dramatic long lashes that are longer on the outter corner. This gives your eyes the gorgeous cat eye look. Our Unforgettable lashes are perfect for this eye shape, followed by Marie, and XOXO. 

Downturned eyes are the opposite of upturned eyes. The outter corner of the eye are lower than the inner corner, when it comes to this eye shape the lash style is versatile. Choose a variety of styles and see which ones you like best. We recommend trying the multi-lash for this option, try three pairs of lashes for only $35.
With Almond eyes the iris touches both the upper and lower eyelid. This shape already gives a sultry look. Just like downturned eyes, Almond shaped eyes are just as versatile. 
With Hooded shaped eyes, the skin of your brow hangs down over your lid crease, making your upper lid look smaller. To achieve the best look, go for a thinner flirtier lash that is long in the center and shorter at the ends.  We recommend our Doll, Mega, or Diana lash styles.
Round eyes tend to show the white around the top or the bottom of your iris. The best choice for round eyes are wispy, natural looking lashes.
Avoid anything that is super thick, this can make your eyes look smaller. 
Monolid eyes are when the upper lid skin folds over the crease giving the illusion of no lid crease. This eye shape is most common in those of asian descent . Shorter wispy lashes brings out the natural beauty of this eye shape. XOXO would be an excellent choice.
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